The Hair Dare Winner

Last week, I told you about the hair braiding challenge I offered up to the girls in my Youth Group. If you don’t remember, you can read about it here. You all voted on your favorites and the results are in!

This was tight. I had voters on my BFG blog and also on Facebook. There is a lot at stake here. One ginormous Hershey’s Kiss! So, you know, candy and stuff… Anywho, I have a winner. The envelope please…

84th Annual Academy Awards - Show

…and the Ginormous Hershey’s Kiss goes to…

It’s a tie! Here’s the outcome:

Archer – 11 votes
Cheerleader – 10 votes
Sparkles – 4 votes
ONJ – 1 vote

I know it looks like Archer won, but I feel that she needed to lose at least one vote for looking up ho to do Hairstyle #2 online! I will put this one to a vote at Youth Group this evening. It’s a tough call.


Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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