Holiday Road… Destination: Disney!

This is it! This very evening, Wifey, Geek Spawn, The Nerdling and I are loading up the family truckster, cranking up Holiday Road, and driving through the night on our way to Los Angeles! The anticipation is killing me!!!

Our first destination is the home of my brother in the lower part of central California. Dinner, hang out time and fun after a mere 12 hours in the car. That will be 12 hours well spent, however. Sleeping, playing the alphabet game, hitting In-N-Out Burger! Yum!

The next part of our trip takes us to meet a friend of Wifey: Bill Myers, author of the popular Wally McDougal book series and McGee and Me TV series. We get to hang out with him for a couple hours before continuing on to Burbank.

We spent 9 years of our lives in Burbank. Both of our kids were born there and many of our good friends still live there. After meeting with some of them and going to our old church, we get to the real reason for the trip… Disney!

On Monday, we get to take a tour of Walt Disney Studios! I. Can’t. Wait. I saved up points in the Disney Movie Rewards program for years to earn this tour! And now it’s finally going to happen! I’m sure BFG will have a blog or two about it in the next couple weeks. 🙂

But wait! There’s more! On Tuesday we are going to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! I go to Disneyland every year and it never gets old. This time we’re going for two days AND staying in the Disneyland Hotel! I’m going to burst! The hotel has changed almost completely since Walt’s days, but there’s still something magical to me about staying in the original Disneyland sponsored hotel.

Then we go home, squeezing in at least one more In-N-Out Burger.

For years, I’ve been saving points for this trip. For months, I’ve been planning out the route and stops. For weeks, I’ve been researching what rides will be open, hours, what not to miss, etc. For days, I’ve been doing laundry and getting packed. For hours, I will impatiently pace the house waiting for the kids to get home from school…

It’s Disney time! Have you been to the studios? How about Disneyland? The Disneyland Hotel? I can talk Disney all day long! Comment below!


6 thoughts on “Holiday Road… Destination: Disney!

  1. Hi

    Sorry if I sprinkle your blog with comments from time to time haha. I am a Disney fan, but sadly I have not been to California’s Disneyland or the studios before because of where I live. The closest I have been to is Hong Kong Disneyland (I used to reside in Hong Kong), and I am sure either California or Florida will be awesome, as I have enjoyed Hong Kong Disneyland even though it is not very big. Have fun at Disney! It’s kind of lucky for you!


    • You are welcome to comment away any time! I love Disneyland. I take the kids from our youth group every year (except this year). But this year I still get to go with the family. My children have not been in a few years, so this will be fun for them. I would LOVE to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. I really want to hit them all. Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai (soon)….


  2. I went to Disneyland Cali when I was four or so, hence, I don’t remember any of it … My dad has some video recordings of it, but it’s not the same.
    Let us know how the Disney Studios Tour is –I have a friend who’s in that reward program and she said it’s so hard to earn any “good” prizes. Major kudos to you. =)

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  3. How did you enjoy tour? Ok, I admit, I’m a Disney Geek. Always have been, always will be… Should be THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS TOUR Burbank CA.
    I visited the studio and did a tour after watching Saving Mr Banks in the studio theatre (beautiful glass work in the lobby). I remember being told it was the 3rd or 4th time the unwashed masses had been allowed in the studio gates in the studio’s 90 year history.
    My favorite part of the tour was visiting Uncle Walt’s office! They had furniture from his office mixed w/props. I remember laughing at rhe “classic Uncle Walt” photos (Walt on top of the Lilly Belle) and Tom Hancks face badly photoshopped in. I know it had to have been purposefully done so closely guards Walt’s image
    It was Christmas time and the studio was decorated (understated + tasteful).
    A prize? Dang! What a great loyalty program! United Airlines takes my miles, kicks me in the shin and says”thank you for choosing to fly United, we know you have many airlines to choose….. “

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    • I wish I had got that close to Walt’s actual office! No, my tour was walking down the sidewalk as our guide pointed to a window and said “that’s it!” I took what I could get! It sounds like you had a terrific tour!


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