A Lighter 2015: Mar 1 – ??? Pounds

March 1March 2
It’s been slow going. And this week is going to be troublesome… Most of the time, I’ve been very conscientious about what I eat. But this week I’m making all kinds of exceptions since I’m on vacation. What do you expect? I’m in California! Home of In-N-Out Burger! And tomorrow, as I’m walking around Disneyland, you know Imma get me a Mickey head ice cream bar!


We are taking some steps to keep costs down, which should help keep calories down too. Packing several meals and cooking at the home of a friend should eliminate a few hundred calories. Hopefully, by keeping track here on BFG, I can remind myself to be good, but I’m not counting on it! The trick is going to be exercise. I need to get out and sweat a lot more than I have! And after this trip, I’m kicking the diet up a notch!

Jan 1 – 264
Feb 1 – 255
Mar 1 – 2XX

Wish me luck! Leave your comments below!

UPDATE: I just got back from the vacation and weighed in… 257. 😦 Oh well, time to try harder!


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