The Happiest Chips on Earth

Today, I’m in Disneyland!!! So, I decided to hit you up with a lesser know Disneyland factoid. All about Doritos!

There are hundreds of interesting (and not-so-interesting) facts floating around about Disneyland (California). But here is one that often gets overlooked even on some of the best “Secrets and Legends” blogs… Doritos tortilla chips were first sold in Disneyland park!

Where Rancho del Zocalo now sits in Frontierland was the former home of Casa de Fritos. Deep frying tortilla shells and adding special seasonings led to the invention of the Dorito. In 1964, Casa de Fritos began making their new tortilla chip for the hungry public.

The popularity of this chip caught on so strongly that Frito-Lay’s marketing VP decided to sell them outside the park to local vendors. The Dorito chip sold incredibly well in the local stores. In 1966, Frito-Lay moved production of the chip to their main plant and Doritos hit the market nation wide.

Dorito comes from the Spanish word “doradito” meaning “golden brown.”

Disneyland still has a deal with Frito-Lay to sell their chips in the park, but Casa de Fritos is now just a part of Disney history.


Love Doritos? I know my Wifey does! What’s your favorite flavor? Did you already know this little tidbit about Disneyland? TALK TO ME!



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