The Fake Disney Cruise Dinner

Dis Cruise 1
I am a fan of all things Disney. (Except the cost). This week, my family is on a Disney vacation in California. A couple years ago, my family went on a Disney cruise. This was the most amazing cruise! One small part of it I felt I could re-create to keep the memory alive was the cruise dinner. And I have! Three time so far…

On board a Disney (or most any company) cruise ship, you can eat as much as you want pretty much when ever you want. It’s overindulgence at it’s best! Even in the themed dining rooms, your server will bring you seconds and thirds of anything until they close the kitchen for the night.

To give my family the Disney Cruise dining experience, I try to copy what they did on board in my own way. This is the third time I’ve done this for them. Each time is a little different, but always fun!

Dis Cruise 2
We have a pool table in our basement, so that became the dining room. I named the basement dining area “Lampwick’s,” the pool-playing character from Pinocchio. I put pictures of Lampwick around the room and facts about Lampwick at each person’s seat. I further decorated with any Disney stuffed animals I could find in my kid’s rooms.

Dis Cruise 4
To enter Lampwick’s, guests are given a boarding pass to “The Aquatica,” a name I created for the boat my cruise takes place on. The press a non-working button at the top of the stairs that signals the non-existent elevator to bring us to the dining room. Then we all head downstairs for dinner.

Dis Cruise 5
Each diner is given a menu of some options that I, the Disney cast member playing the waiter and the chef, planned out in advance. Simple things that can be microwaved, thrown in the oven, or cooked quickly. The menu this time included soup, pizza, chicken tenders, ice cream and cream puffs. As each guest orders, I run upstairs and start the food cooking.

This is a Disney cruise (reenactment), so gluttony is allowed! If they want more than one item on the menu, they can have it! The Nerdling enjoyed a chocolate milk AND a root beer with her dinner of pizza AND chicken tenders!

Dis Cruise 3
To help on the entertainment side of things, I provided a Disney word-search for the guests to work on. As the main course was cooking, we played Disney name that tune using songs off my iPod. I have a lot of Disney songs! When the meal is over, we go to the “Plane Crazy” theater to watch a Disney movie. It’s a spare room with a comforter on the bed that has pictures from the Mickey Mouse short, Plane Crazy. This most recent Cruise night we were short on time, so we only watched the newest Mickey cartoon, Get a Horse. Usually it’s a full movie.

Every time is a new experience. And every time, my family loves it! My daughter even helped me cook during this last one! If I ever do a fake cruise in the summer, I’m going to figure out how to include the Aquaduck water slide too!

Does this sound like a fun night to you? Would you want to go on my Disney cruise? Tell me what you think…



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