The Disney Clothing Booty We Gained in California

After a week of touring around southern California, we amassed a sweet collection of Disney apparel. I was inspired by a post over at It’s a Great Blog After All to show off my Disneyfied looks. But looking like me, I’m opting to give you the Disneyfied looks we all picked up last week by just laying them on the floor and taking a pic! Read on to see what influence a Disney nerd like myself can have over his family!

These basic shirts are from Walmart. Sure, not as cool as getting them from Disneyland, but about 1/3rd the cost. I bought these shirts for the fam before we left so we’d have something to wear when we went to Disneyland. For me and Geek Spawn, I got a dark grey Mickey t-shirt. Wifey and The Nerdling each got a juniors-style Minnie Mouse top. Yep. We were that family walking around the Park!


While in California we also got a tour of Disney Studios (blog post coming soon!) where we hit up the studio store. Wifey came away with an adorable Mousketeer shirt and Star Wars shirt, while I got a great Classic Mickey shirt… and my new favorite hoodie!


One more stop at the Disney Store in Glendale on our way back to Oregon provided us with an Elsa shirt for The Nerdling, the same Star Wars shirt as Wifey for Geek Spawn, and a cool striped Mickey shirt for me (which my wife says makes me look like a pirate :/ )

It was a great week and many more posts about it will follow over the next few days! (I know, you can’t wait!)


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