Where in Disneyland?

1 Mickey Head
To add to the fun of our Disney trip, I created a “Where in Disneyland?” game for my family. The game is simple: Look at the pictures and tell me where in Disneyland (California) you would find the object shown. They had the advantage of going to the park to find the answers, but I bet you can still get a lot of them! See how you do…

Disney Where

How did you do? How many of the 20 did you know? (Scroll down this page for the answers.)























tiny mickey

Top row: Haunted Mansion; Park Entrance; Dumbo Flying Elephants; Star Tours
Second Row: Peter Pan’s Flight; Autopia; Pirates of the Caribbean; Jungle Cruise
Third Row: Matterhorn; Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters; Gadget’s Go Coaster; Tarzan Tree House
Fourth Row: Storybookland Canal Boats (or Casey Jr.); Mark Twain; Hub; Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
Bottom Row: Splash Mountain; it’s a small world; Space Mountain; Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thanks for playing!


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