The Used Star Wars Store

While on an Excellent Adventure with my son last summer, Geek Spawn and I made tracks for Aberdeen, Washington. Home of the amazing Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop!

The fandom starts before you ever enter the building. Two postsĀ built to hang Aberdeen city signs have been painted to look like lightsabers. Out in front of the store are some costumed mannequins and the owner’s van, complete with a large Millennium Falcon on top.

Walking in to this store is overwhelming! It is wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, Star Wars! If you used to own it, saw a commercial for it, or have a vague recollection of it, chances are, it’s there! Action figures, stuffed animals, clothes, Happy Meal prizes and heaps of other toys have this store bursting at the seams.

The merchandise available covers toys and memorabilia from all six movies and beyond. Almost the entire store is comprised of used or previously owned items. Some of them quite rare and valuable. On the day we were there, they were selling everything in the store 50% off. But, I got the impression that that was a regular occurrence.

Other items were not nearly as valuable. Pictured above are “authentic” pieces of Alderaan.

We ended up spending almost two hours in the tiny store. Considering variety and span of years since the first Star Wars movie, it’s almost more like a museum! A museum where you can buy cool Star Wars toys!

A couple smaller rooms in the back stray from the Star Wars theme. They contain some Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters and various other toys. Also, a small section of the store is devoted to Kurt Cobain, a former resident of Aberdeen.

It’s far too easy to spend way too much time and money in this store. But, for a Star Wars fan, definitely worth a trip to Aberdeen! Find out more about our Excellent Adventure here.

What do you think of the Star Wars Shop? Let me know in the comments!


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