Film Food: Minnie Mouse (as a Pancake) from Bath Day (1946)

Minnie Cake 1
This one was so easy! In fact, the hardest part of this blog was figuring out when Minnie Mouse started wearing pink bows! Read on…

Pancakes are pretty simple. My mom used to make Mickey pancakes for me when I was a kid. The Minnie Mouse pancake expands on the idea. My mom had all boys, but I have The Nerdling. I had to figure out how to make Mickey into Minnie. It was pretty stinkin’ easy!


  • Pancake batter
  • 1 strawberry

Minnie Cake 3

Start out by pouring your pancake batter into a large circle. Then add two smaller circles at the top to make the ears. You now have a basic Mickey head silhouette design. To turn him into her, slice a strawberry in half vertically, from the pointy end to the stem. Lay both halves so the points are pointing at each other between the mouse’s ears. Ta da! Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Cake 2
The verdict? Pancakes are always amazing! I tend to add cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to mine to make them even more amazing! The Nerdling likes chocolate chips in hers too! The Mickey and Minnie designs just make them even more enjoyable!

To figure out when the bow came around for Minnie was tricky. I had to watch clips of every color Minnie Mouse cartoon until I found it. Originally she wore a little hat. In Mickey’s Surprise Party (1939), she started wearing the bow, but it was blue. Not a typical color for a strawberry! It wasn’t until Bath Day (1946) that the pink bow come around. Pink bow and a red strawberry? Close enough!

Minnie Cake 4

Have you ever done this one? Pretty simple and fun! How did it work for you? Tell me about it!




4 thoughts on “Film Food: Minnie Mouse (as a Pancake) from Bath Day (1946)

  1. I have never heard of this! I do eat apples and cheese together though so maybe I would like it… I don’t know. I think I would like ice cream and apple pie better 🙂


    • For me there was no comparison! Ice cream all the way! lol. I had never heard of it either before the movie. I was shocked to hear that it was actually quite common in places like Boston and the east coast.


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