10 Years of Friends

For Christmas I got my wife all 10 seasons of Friends. Over the last three months, we’ve binge watched the entire series. Was it the hit show we remember from our college days? Read on…

Starting at the beginning was like hopping in our DeLorean and going back to 1994. The fashions, the hairstyles, the whole look took me back to freshman year of college. We quickly realized that we remember the show really well. As young college students, we had seen every episode of the first 6 years or so. And quite a few of the others. I preferred Seinfeld myself, but they were on the Thursday night line-up together, so I watched Friends all the time too!

It was all like we remembered it. Chandler was still hilarious, Phoebe was still weird, Ross was still awkward, Monica was still bossy, Joey was still dumb and Rachel was still hot.


While we still laughed throughout the entirety of every episode, we noticed a lot of things that we never paid attention to as 19-year-olds:

  • At least half of the jokes are about sex.
  • Joey sleeps with an extremely large amount of women and should have several diseases.
  • Phoebe is really mean to her friends, constantly lying to them.
  • Chandler is insulted constantly, even by his own wife.
  • They’re all selfish beyond reason.

Is it funny? Of course! It is NOT for kids though. We started watching an episode while are kids were in  the room and immediately shut it off. Much of the humor is not appropriate for adults, and even worse for kids.

It’s weird watching people go through ten years worth of change in 3 months. They’re skinny, then they’re not. Their hair is shoulder length with lots of body (see Rachel above), then it’s long and flat. They all got older, but still looked really good!

Spending that much time with these people led to some heart touching moments too. I loved seeing Monica and Chandler get engaged (the feels!). And I totally shipped Ross and Rachel to the very end! Some things worked better than others, but we stuck with it throughout.

Are you a Friends fan? Or a Friend-emy? Comment me!


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