Unsung Heroes of Cinema: Det. Owensby


This blog’s for you Detective Owensby!

Without the incredibly hard work of Detective Owensby in Beverly Hills Cop, would Axel Foley have been able to save the day? Probably.

But really, let’s give the man his proper credit. I mean check out this exchange:

Bogomil: “Owensby, is Rosewood back yet?”
Owensby: “No, sir.”
Bogomil: “Have you seen Taggart?”
Owensby: “Took off about ten minutes ago.”

Wow. Just wow! I mean the dialogue, the depth of emotion, the sheer overpowering presence! It’s like Bogomil wasn’t even in the room. And he did it all while holding a phone, apparently deep in conversation with someone else!

This is supposed to be a movie about Axel Foley? I think not. They should have called it, “Detective Owensby and the Detroit Cop that Came to Beverly Hills to Help Him Solve a Case.” More attention deserves to go to the real star of the film, the guy with two whole lines: Detective Owensby!

Call or write to your congressman and suggest making April 9 “Owensby Day.” Memorize his lines and share them with your friends!

Scott Murphy’s portrayal of the unforgettable Detective Owensby¬†should not go unnoticed either. Stand up and give Murphy a round of applause right now!

Are you a true Owensby fan? Comment me!



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