The Mission: Impossible 5 Trailer Looks Awesome!


First, watch this:

When Mission: Impossible came out in the theaters, I thought it was super confusing. It was directed by Brian DePalma and I really didn’t get what was going on through half of it. Upon viewing it a second time (and third and fourth and fifth…), it quickly became one of my favorite films. I tried to talk Wifey into naming our boy Ethan based on this movie! (She didn’t go for it). It’s my usual go-to film when I’m home on a sick day.


Mission: Impossible II comes out and it’s an overly John Woo’d mess! The rampant slow-mo shots, the ridiculous stunts, the excessive use of masks. It’s just bizarre how it managed to keep the series going. I give the credit to the gorgeous Thandie Newton… who disappeared into obscurity.


M:I-3 is quite a bit better, but not great. Directed by J.J. Abrams and set in a more realistic film world, it kept me interested a lot longer. It starts with an intense scene of Ethan Hunt in peril and then cuts to a “48 Hours ago” type scenario explaining how they got there. Cheap move.


Then came Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Wow! So amazingly good! I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoyed this movie. Directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), this one is a wild ride from start to finish. Exciting story, breathtaking stunts, blowing up international government monuments! So much fun to watch!


This newest entry, Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation looks as good as M:I-4. It looks exciting and fast paced. Something 2 and 3 were lacking. I can’t wait to see what Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) will do to Tom Cruise in his take on the series. The final part of the trailer has him hanging off a plane on take-off. My heart was thumping just watching it!


Five different films with five different directors spread out over 19 years. Based on a series from the 1960s that includes numerous stars and guest stars. This has Six Degrees of Mission: Impossible game potential!

Which is YOUR favorite Mission: Impossible? Comment me!


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