Do You Remember These Two?

Chick and Duck

Do you recognize the two animals above?

For those that know the show, they are two very prominent characters. For those that don’t, these seem like pretty obscure house-pets. We all know and love them, even though they are such random animals to have as pets.

The Chick and the Duck are the live-in pets of Chandler and Joey on Friends. They stay in the apartment with the two men and get some cheap laughs purely by existing. Anytime they are on-screen, there are laughs and awwwws.

I have to admit, I find them funny myself. Because, who in New York City would keep a chick and a duck?

Here’s the weird part. About the time that Chandler moves in with Monica, the Chick and the Duck just disappear. They aren’t talked about, they aren’t seen, they aren’t around at all! They’re just gone! For several seasons, there is a mysterious absence of the two foul.


It’s not until the final episode that their fate is finally discussed. From what we can piece together, apparently the chick and duck died somewhere between seasons 6 and 10. Chandler told Joey that he took them to a farm where people aren’t allowed to visit.

Joey gets to relive his time with the birds by replacing them in the finale.

Did you like the Chick and the Duck? Do you remember them at all? Comment me!


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