I Don’t Know if I’m Elated or Disgusted


This is not the first time I’ve had issues with Disney movies. Nor Frozen. Nor Frozen’s music (learn more here!). But, with Frozen 2 in the works, I’m really hoping they step it up a notch. Sequels already have a tough road ahead of them without having lame songs too.

Here’s the issue: The line, “I don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but I’m somewhere in that zone.” from the song “For the First Time in Forever.” Don’t get me wrong: I like the movie and the song, but that line has to go! I heard a high school choir perform that song and they changed the lyrics to avoid having to sing that weak line.

I’ve never been a fan of fart jokes anyway. Too easy. It’s a cheap laugh.

It used to be that when Disney put out a song to go with their movies, they were songs that had the potential to make the radio. The only other Disney song I can think of with a reference to a bodily function is Hakuna Matata. But even that is merely suggested by a gross character, not blatantly stated by a princess.

Walt Disney never pandered to children. He made movies that the whole family would enjoy together. I think that lines like this have him rolling over in his cryogenic chamber (according to urban legend). A lot of Walt’s philosophies on entertainment have been pushed aside, but they shouldn’t be. Even cartoon movies can take the high road.

Don’t resort to jokes about bodily functions. Don’t use your animated film to advance your political agenda. Don’t count on shocking your audience with some new way of thinking. Walt used new technology all the time, but he told timeless stories.

And really, don’t do sequels! Fresh material only! “You can’t top pigs with pigs.” – Walt Disney

What are YOUR thoughts about that line? Comment me!


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know if I’m Elated or Disgusted

  1. I don’t like that line either. It’s terrible and pulls me from the story every time. “Somewhere in the zone” is also bad writing sine it’s a saying from our contemporary society and not the historical Storyworld Frozen is set in.


  2. Good analysis. That’s one of the only lines I hate from the Frozen songs. As Jill said, it pulls you out of the story –I totally agree it’s cheap.

    Sequels, especially Disney ones (and the straight to home media ones in the 90s-00s) I haven’t been too crazy about, though there are exceptions (e.g. How to Train Your Dragon 2). However, I believe Frozen 2 will be the first Disney animated sequel to be a theatrical release (or the first in recent memory, at least), so I think/hoped they’ve learned from their Cinderella, Aladdin, Mulan, Pocahontas, LIttle Mermaid etc. sequels … I haven’t seen the Frozen Fever short, but I’ve loved the stills I’ve seen from it (Anna and Elsa’s “spring” dresses are adorable) –the song, I’m not so sold on yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHT05KU05lQ

    Maybe it will grow on me, but I’m torn between thinking “What a cute homage to the film’s songs” and “Really? That’s the best you can do?” What do you think? =)

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    • I agree. Especially with the song. It was alright (I’ve seen the short) but it wasn’t good. I have a feeling that’s what the songs in the sequel will be like. Ok but not good. At least not as good as the songs in Frozen.


      • I don’t have high hopes for Frozen 2. It’s been done. The creative aspect of the story is over. Just having the characters come back should not be a reason to make a movie. It’s like sitting around with your friends saying, “Remember that movie with the princesses and the talking snowman? That was awesome.”
        I just listened to the new song from the short. Ugh. I was not impressed. Maybe that’s because it was the first time I’d heard it. Maybe because I didn’t see the animation that went with it. Maybe the songs only work well when there’s a bunch of them. Or maybe it’s just not a great song.
        It all goes together. They don’t put as much effort into sequels. They count on their built-in audience.
        I agree with you. “Ok, but not good.”


  3. I couldn’t agree less! The whole point of Anna is she’s a little bit quirky, different and tries to be relatable. And I can relate to feeling gassy when I’m nervous or excited. She’s not perfect, and that’s the point. Everybody farts. Walt Disney would probably be over the moon with Frozen rather than turning in his grave because it’s pulled in rather a lot of money. Let’s not be too high brow and serious here!

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