Office Tchotchkes… Robble Robble

Most every office in the world has some sort of knick-knack, a doo-dad, or tchotchke (pronounced: “chotch-key”). My office almost nothing but! This Office Tchotchke blog focuses on a toy from McDonalds of the past…

Historical Background
The Hamburglar was the villain of McDonaldland. A silly character, he was always stealing hamburgers from Ronald, Grimace, Birdie and the rest of the McDnaldland residents. He first began in 1975 as a short, mumbling sidekick of Captain Crook. By the 80s, Hamburglar’s mumbles had become simply, “Robble robble.” He stopped appearing on TV in the early 90s.

Cultural Impact
Hamburglar has changed very slightly over the years. His basic look is black and white stripes with red boots and gloves. His phrase, “Robble robble” is instantly recognizable to those that grew up watching McDonalds commercials in the 70s and 80s. He is one of the more popular characters, appearing frequently in commercials, on McDonald’s products and in McDonald’s playlands.

The Tchotchke
The toy itself is a plastic resin stand-up. I have no clue where he came from. I’m pretty sure I picked him up at a garage sale somewhere or other. According to what I found on the interweb, this figure was produced around 1995. But he makes me smile every time I see him on my shelf staring at me!

Do you have memories of watching this guy on TV? Tell me about it! Comment me!



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