A is for Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande
I wasn’t entirely sure what to do this post on. So I typed “A” into my Google search. The first option it gave me was “Ariana Grande” and the first picture it gave me under images was the one above. So, here’s what I know about Ariana Grande…

I was first told about Grande when one of my teens, Cheerleader, was compared to her. Now, I had no frame of reference as to what that meant, so I looked her up. This was right about the time that her song Problem was just getting popular. Some things were immediately obvious. First off, she’s adorable! And second, I actually kinda liked her music.

To further my understanding, I watched a few episodes of Victorious, the Nickelodeon TV show that made her famous. Then I got the connection between her and Cheerleader. Both Grande’s character of Cat and Cheerleader are happy, kind, short and energetic. Grande also had a Victorious spin-off show, Sam & Cat, where she again plays Cat, but this time teamed up with Sam from iCarly. Coincidentally, she is also Cheerleader’s favorite singer.

Now, in 2015, Grande’s singing career has taken off. She’s had several hit songs on the radio, Many of her earlier songs had a very 90s feel to them, including some Mariah Carey covers. These days she very rarely sings by herself. Typically it’s “Ariana Grande featuring…” some other collaborator.

So, that’s about the extent of my Grande knowledge. Glad I had this chance to share it with you! Who knows what exciting tid-bits I’ll be able to share when I get stuck again and have to Google “B!”

Are you a Grande fan? Let me know! Comment me! Let’s go to a concert together!


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