Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado
A new twist on a classic. But still pretty good.

Much Ado About Nothing is my Wifey’s favorite Shakespeare play. Sadly, she wasn’t with me to see it. But, she has made me watch the Kenneth Branagh movie several times.

When Don Pedro brings his soldiers to stay with a friend, one of his men, Claudio, falls in love with the friend’s daughter, Hero. Claudio and Hero are the heart, while their companions, Benedick and Beatrice are the humor. Benedick and Beatrice spend the bulk of the story sending witty jabs at each other as they, of course, fall in love. Don Pedro’s brother meanwhile, is busy scheming to tear Claudio and Hero apart. Rumors are spread and lies are told to separate the two young lovers. Much ado occurs about nothing.

The only issue I had with this play is that it was different from the movie. It was put in a modern setting with contemporary clothing and props. The lines, though word-for-word the same, were delivered different than the movie. So, once I got past that awkwardness, I really enjoyed the play.

Some of my favorite scenes were done to hilarious perfection in the play. The occasional breaking of the fourth wall (interacting with the audience) was hilarious each time. The actor playing Benedick was a lot of fun to watch.

This was the final of three plays we saw at Oregon Shakespeare Fest. It was a good way to the end the week of play watching.

Have you seen this show? What do you think? Comment me!

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