Red Dawn vs. Red Dawn

This is a rare occurrence for me. I don’t know how often it’s happened. Three or four times maybe… I actually prefer the Red Dawn remake to the Red Dawn original! Seriously. Normally, I oppose even the mere idea of making a remake. Either they come off as a cheap knock-off (Miracle on 34th Street), they come off almost identical (Footloose), or they’re so different that they are just terrible (Clash of the Titans).

Now, that being said, Red Dawn is a rare exception.


I didn’t have much memory of the 1984 Red Dawn. I recently bought it and watched it. The story was interesting, but the movie was slow, drawn out, and long. For example, we watch some enemy troops pose for pictures and carry on a conversation for several minutes before even being shown that our heroes were hiding nearby. Months whip by. New characters pop up temporarily but there is very little character development, so they aren’t missed when they’re killed off. The acting is not great. The plot, other than “These guys are in a bad situation.” is lacking anything interesting.

I understand the appeal and that it was a fun one for 80s audiences. But I don’t think it holds up today.


In the 2012 Red Dawn, the action is more purposeful. Many of the enemy actions are the direct result of the Wolverines interference. Characters are well thought out and given enough development so that we care when one of them is killed. Although the look of the two lead characters is so different, it’s hard to accept them as brothers. And there is a specific plot line within the “USA is invaded” theme of the movie. By the end of the film, we feel like something has been achieved regardless of who survived.

So, you won’t find this kind of statement here on BFG very often. But, at least in this case, the remake is better!

Do you agree? Disagree? Comment me!


2 thoughts on “Red Dawn vs. Red Dawn

  1. I’ve only seen parts of both, so I’m not really attached to either version (my dad prefers the original, but I’m not surprised about that). I think it’s kind of interesting that both casts have some teen-appeal actors that hit it big afterwards:
    the original had actors like Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and Jennifer Grey and the recent version had Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, and Josh Hutcherson. =)

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    • That’s a good point. They do know how to pick their actors. I don’t know much about what the girls from the new one have done, but the original girls obviously had their share of hits!


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