Blart 2… Nope!



So I took my kids to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Oh, where to begin…

To set up our movie viewing we rewatched the first Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was alright. Not a “great” movie by any means, but it had heart. He was loved by his mother and daughter. He earned the affections of the girl by being himself. He was dedicated to his job and his family and underappreciated by everyone else. There were even a few pretty good laughs. Now, cue the sequel…

Blart 2 had none of the heart. I don’t feel it’s a major spoiler to tell you things that happen in the first two minutes: His wife, that they spent all of movie 1 setting up a relationship with, divorces him! (Even if they couldn’t get Jayma Mays back for this movie, this wasn’t necessary as she could have simply been at home while he goes to Vegas for his conference). His mother, the one who supported him no matter what, is killed by a milk truck. And his daughter, who actually is in the entire movie, is keeping secrets from him and mad at him. That’s it, movie 1 means nothing now.

The first 40 minutes gets more and more depressing as it plugs along. It’s like you forget you’re watching a comedy, because it’s just so sad. Of course things turn out fine for him and he becomes the hero again through a series of unlikely and unbelievable scenarios. But by this point, it’s too late. The move lost its audience.

I will give it a few props for a hilarious scene with a banana. But that’s it. Humor based on how much people don’t like this man is just not funny.

Have you seen it yet? Do you agree? Comment me!


2 thoughts on “Blart 2… Nope!

  1. Thank you for justifying my decision to not bother with the sequel. The first movie was painful enough for me. First off, I have too much empathy to enjoy a movie with a main character who is so uncomfortable and unsure of himself. Secondly, I have reactive hypoglycemia and that is waayyy not how you eat for this condition. *Looks down* Who put this soap box here? Huh. Better put it away before it gets me in trouble.

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    • If you had a hard time with the first movie, absolutely do not bother with the second! LOL You are wise to not to. I wouldn’t worry about accuracy of hypoglycemia. Most people realize that it’s highly exaggerated for comic effect. Not that many people will see this anyway. 🙂

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