Left Behind is a Movie


This is definitely a movie. Not a very good movie. But it is a movie.

Technically speaking, this is a remake. A straight-to-DVD release starring Kirk Cameron came out in 2000. And spawned two sequels. These particular films got increasingly worse as they went along. The third movie drew almost nothing from the popular Christian book series it’s based on.

Now, years later, Nicolas Cage pops up in a big-budget theatrical remake.┬áThis is more exciting than it’s predecessor, but still not so good. The whole movie deals only with some of the earlier parts of the book. It does not even begin to hint onto the bad guy that comes up. Nor does it deal with the main characters journey as they come to believe in Jesus.

In fact, many of the obvious┬áChristians portrayed in the film are pushy, overbearing and obnoxious. Even though the main characters apparently come to believe this occurrence is from God, they don’t do anything with that knowledge. Now, to be fair, this is a 15 book series and it’s obvious they are hoping for a sequel.

Will one happen? Not if they are counting on fan support. The fans hated it. The critics hated it. Christians hated it. Non-Christians hated it. The only people that seemed to really like it were the writers of the original books. However, several of the actors (not Nicolas Cage) are signed on to come back for a sequel.

Did you see this movie? How about the original movie? Read the books? Comment me!


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