All for Me!

While stuck in a hotel room, my hand naturally grabs for the remote control to see what’s on. I found this station and haven’t changed it since…

MeTV is the perfect channel for me. It’s like I’ve just come home from school in 1982. TV shows are on that I haven’t seen in years. Not even on Netflix!

The Carol Burnett Show, Beverly Hillbillies, Star Trek, Bonanza, Emergency!, Gunsmoke… As I write this, I’ve got the Rockford Files playing behind me. Good stuff! Its great for bringing back some sweet sweet memories.

I know many of my few readers have no idea what some of those shows are, but I loved them! And many of them still hold up!

So, how many of you out there have seen Emergency!? It was one of my very favorites as a kid, along with the A-Team and Knight Rider. What are your childhood TV favorites?


3 thoughts on “All for Me!

  1. I was on a Carol Burnett Show kick last month thanks to MeTV! LOL, MeTV is like what TV Land was when I was growing up (good, old television shows, not 90s shows and new original programming). Just kidding. For oldies, I loved Bewitched (Elizabeth Montgomery is my 60s fashion icon/”idol”). Also The Waltons, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Star Trek (but I liked TNG and everything after more than the original), The Cosby Show, Knight Rider, Little House on the Prairie, Hawaii 5-0, etc. My dad also watched a lot of Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show. =P I couldn’t get into Bonanza or Gunsmoke for some reason though … 😉


    • I know what you mean! I’ve never been into the old westerns. But I watched almost all of those other ones except the Waltons. I love those other ones!


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