7 Fast 7 Furious

Furious 7 plane
Months ago, BFG did a blog on the various Fast and Furious movies. Now, with the release of Furious Seven, it’s time for an update…

FF7 has all of the over-the-top ridiculous action stunts of the original, all of the stars of all of the previous movies, plus a tribute to Paul Walker.

Let’s start with the stunts. Without giving anything away, one of my favorite stunts from the film was watching a bus go off a cliff. I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s an unbelievable, yet still intense moment for one of our heroes. My other favorite was the stunt sequence that took place in Abu Dhabi. I won’t spoil it for you either, but I will tell you that involved this car:
Furious 7 Car
and these towers:
Furious 7 tower
Your imagination can fill in the rest.

Beyond that, we see characters fall from extreme heights and live, get thrown through various walls and live, and wreck cars in a horrendous fashion and live. It’s all enjoyable spectacular.

Now the characters: There’s just too many. Even the filmmakers don’t know what to do with them all. Several characters spend much of the movie in the hospital or in hiding. Sean Boswell (Lucas Black, FF3) is only in the film for about two minutes and some of that is a clip from Tokyo Drift! Some of the events shown in FF3 and FF6 overlap the events of this movie. I would have liked to see them tie part 3 in a little better by really using Black some more. Oh well, maybe for Furiousestness 8.

And finally, they couldn’t end the film without a nod to the late Paul Walker. After dying (ironically in a car crash) during the filming of FF7, the movie was still able to be completed. They leave his character, Brian, in a good place in his life where his uninvolvement in future Furious entries can be easily explained. And they spend the last few minutes giving us a little tribute moment. I admit, I got a little misty.

So, there you go. Not Oscar material, but still a good popcorn munching blow-em-up fest! If you are not a fan of big budget explosions and car chases that could never happen in real life, don’t bother with this one. If you like to just sit back a let someone say, “What if this happened…” then this flick is worth a watch.

Have you seen it yet? Comment me!


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