Free Books are Great! Especially This One!

Typically I’m strictly a movie guy. But every once in a while a book catches my interest. In this case, By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson. Oh… did I mention that the ebook happens to be FREE!?

The setup: Achan is a lowly Stray in the medieval-type land of Er’Rets. The twist with this particular land is that it is half in darkness. Not just night time, mind you. But exactly half of Er’Rets is in pitch blackness! Achan’s adventures take him throughout the land as he occasionally interacts with the simultaneous adventures of the female (sort of) hero. Vrell Sparrow is in hiding from a suitor by disguising  herself as a boy! To add a further twist to the magic of Er’Rets, members of the royal line have the ability to blood-voice, telepathically communicating with each other. It’s exciting stuff!

What is the destiny of these two heroes? What will happen to the land of Er’rets?

Check these books out! Williamson makes it easy to do so. The first book in the two-time Christy Award winning trilogy, By Darkness Hid, is FREE as an eBook on Amazon right now!

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you about another free book from Williamson!


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