Free Books are Still Great! Especially This Other One!

new recru
Sometimes, to make a big push and promote a series, a publishing house may offer a book for free. Such is the case with The New Recruit by Jill Williamson. This is the second of two different series starting novels that Williamson is offering on ebook at no charge! (Read about the other one here).

The setup: Spencer is an average teen living in an average town until the day that his world is flip-turned upside down and he is recruited into the mysterious spy organization, The Mission League. Now he and several other teens are on a whirl-wind adventure full of devious characters, world travel, and espionage!

In the tradition of Agent Cody Banks or Alex Rider, The New Recruit follows our young hero as he gets caught up in a world he never new existed. The major twist to Spencer’s spy world is that The Mission League is a completely Christian organization.

The Mission League series is an ever growing collection of adventures sending Spencer around the globe. Williamson excels at keeping the adventure, the humor, and the action realistic and engaging. The first book in this popular series, The New Recruit, is FREE as an eBook on Amazon right now!



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