Writing a Post From My Phone

imageout cell phones should make things easier and sometimes it does.  But not always.

Im typing this on my iPhone to see how well it will work. Right now, I’m at my parents house for the weekend and I don’t remember my password for BFG. No biggie right? I already have it entered in my phone. So, I went to the phone to try typing out an all important post for my BFG fans. Both of them. 😉

i did not allow myself to make any corrections. And if auto correct changed something then I was going to leave it changed. That’s why you may see a few grammatical retorted here or there. Like te word retorted was supposed to be errors. Lol.

What about you? Do you prefer to use a computer or a phone? Which would you rather type a blog post on? Comment me!


3 thoughts on “Writing a Post From My Phone

    • Hah. I totally understand. I leave the sound of clicking on on my phone just because I like the way it sounds. There typwriter is cool tho because it sings at the end of every line. That would get annoying on the phone since the lines are so short.


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