Percy Jackson… The Movie or The Book?


Today my dad challenged me to write the post! So, here is a post from The Geekspawn comparing The Percy Jackson Movies to the Books!

Percy Jackson – The Lighting Thief:  In the movie of: The Lighting Thief, they did pretty good at getting the story right, but they got all the actors wrong. Wrong hair color, eye color, and there were also three major problems.


  1. The final battle. Percy is supposed to fight Ares for the Master Bolt, and in the Movie, he fights Luke.
  2. Saint Louis. In the Book Percy, Annabeth, and Grover go through Saint Louis and fight Echidna and her Chimera at the top of the arch, and they completely remove that from the movie as well.
  3. Grover Vs. Mom. When they get to the underworld, Percy is supposed to sacrifice his mom to help his friends. This is supposed to show him getting braver and stronger. But instead, Grover volunteers to take her place.

Percy Jackson – The Sea of Monsters; In this movie, they did a lot better, until the end. At the end of this movie, Kronos comes back to life, which isn’t even supposed to happen until the fourth movie/book, (The Battle of the Labyrinth) but he comes back as a giant creature instead of possessing Luke, giving Luke the chance to be a hero which he is supposed to do!

Both movies had their problems, but they were still good. Which did YOU like better, the movies, or the books?


13 thoughts on “Percy Jackson… The Movie or The Book?

  1. I like the books better, of course! I was very disappointed in the first movie. I thought they did a much better job on Sea of Monsters.


      • It’s just I always feel that the director and the writers had very little respect for the books. Especially when it comes to the age and relationship of Percy and Annabeth. Them both being older and in love so quickly.


        • I completely agree about the relationship of Percy and Annabeth. I think they could have done a lot better with the characters.


  2. Books, of course, for the same reasons you listed and more. Though, if you consider the movies to be another story entirely with characters who just happen to have the same names, they suddenly become really awesome. Now I’m just waiting for Hollywood to make a movie that’s actually about the Percy Jackson books.
    Also, great job with the blog post 🙂



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