Explorers and Wars!… Astoria: Part 2

Astoria Column (38m, 164 steps, 1926)

Part 2 of my Astoria travelogue explores some of the unique aspects of the little costal town. From Lewis and Clark to World War II, Astoria has some serious history. It also has some good eats!

Yesterday was all about the movies made in Astoria. And there have been several. Each year, Astoria still celebrates Goonies day! But long before Sean Astin ever set foot in the little town… heck, long before there even was a little town, two other guys and their friends spent a winter there.

In 1805-06, the Lewis and Clark expedition of the Louisiana Purchase stopped in Astoria for the winter. Fort Clatsop (well, a replica of it) still stands there today. To honor their historic journey, in 1926 the city built a tower high atop a hill looking over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Astoria 4
The Astoria Column has a 164-step spiral staircase going right up the middle. For $1, they’ll sell you a balsa wood plane to throw from the top. (For us more creative types (AKA cheap), you can also look around in the bushes and find some already thrown planes). The view from the top is gorgeous!

Astoria 5
I would be failing you if I did not mention the Bowpicker. This is an old fishing boat turned restaurant that serves one thing: Amazingly delicious fish and chips! Sometimes the line can be over an hour long, so plan ahead!

Astoria 6
As you reach the Pacific Ocean (through Astoria’s neighboring towns), you will find Fort Stevens recreation area. An active site from 1863-1947, Fort Stevens has a military battery to explore, access to a jetty and viewing platform and what’s left of the wreck of the Peter Iredale. The Peter Iredale ran aground in 1906 and was abandoned on the beach, slowly rusting away.

Tomorrow, we head away from Astoria in Washington. See you then!


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