Jake the Alligator Man and His Museum

Right on the main strip of Long Beach, Washington lies the most unique little museum/store you could imagine. Olde tyme arcade machines, candy, trinkets, and a museum of the weird all await you…

As promised in yesterday’s post, today is all about Marsh’s Free Museum. Really, Marsh’s is a giant store with some fun things to look at. But the museum side of it is really unique.


Along the walls are loads of penny, nickel, dime and quarter machines. Music machines, baseball, fortune tellers and a love meter chair. All can be played with the spare change floating around in your car.


Looking deeper into the center of the store are shelves and shelves of stuff for sale. Most of the items in stock revolve around nautical things. Boat models, wooden carvings, fishing buoys, sea shells and salt water taffy are just a few of the many items available. Add to that some t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets and other touristy things. And every single purchase comes with a small free sea shell taped to the bag!


Up along the ceiling are a plethora of weird animals. Marsh’s is home to a two-headed pig and two-headed calf, a sheep with two bodies, a shrunken head and, of course, Jake the Alligator Man! (A Jake bumper sticker has been on my car for years!)


What do you think of Jake? My Wifey will not allow a Jake bumper sticker on her car. 😦 But I think he’s pretty cool. I’ve been going out to the coast to see him for years. If you’re ever cruising through Long Beach, you should check out Jake and the entire Marsh’s Free Museum for yourself!

Comment me your thoughts!


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