Pitch Decent, But Not Perfect…

I took in Pitch Perfect 2 this week. But did I enjoy it?

I saw the original Pitch Perfect when it was the only thing playing at the right time at the cheap theater I went to. I was pleasantly surprised. It was funny, clever and only slightly resembled the love child of Glee and Bring It On. So, despite their tactless promotional campaign rhyming “pitch” with another less-clean word, I was willing to give PP2 a shot.

Fortunately, they got most of the crude humor (that seems to always be found in these type films) out of the way fairly quickly. After an embarrassing moment in the opening scene, the Bellas are forced to prove their worthiness by winning the World A Cappella Championships. So there’s the “plot.”

I use that term loosely, because it’s mostly about giving the girls opportunities to be put in embarrassing situations or showcase their pop-song mash ups. Some of it works pretty well, but most of it just feels like we’re jumping from scene to scene with no real reason for it. Like they were making up the movie as they went along, knowing eventually they’d end up at the Championships.

While striving to beat their German rivals, the Bellas are frought with their own problems: Our heroine from part 1, Becca (Anna Kendrick), is interning at a recording studio. Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is in a serious relationship. The new girl, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), just wants to feel like part of the group.


Much of the best humor in the movie comes from the reactions of the characters to the off-the-wall things going on. Usually they even react to their own comments by mumbling under their breath or talking to themselves.

It has a large amount of cheap laughs and passel of legitimate laughs as well. I wouldn’t break the bank going to see it (I had a free ticket), but it’s good for some laughs at your cheap theater or on Netflix eventually.

Did you see it? Do you agree? Do you think it’s better than I reviewed? Comment me!


2 thoughts on “Pitch Decent, But Not Perfect…

  1. So PP2 isn’t as good as the original, then? 🙂

    I borrowed the first soundtrack from the library –I loved the acapella stuff, but planned to watch the movie on tv for similar reasons you mentioned. Will probably do the same for the sequel … I mean, I believe it’s PG-13, so I can handle it, but I’m saving my movie money for films like Ant Man and Star Wars. 🙂


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