C is for Caleb Walker

Picture by: chardphoto.com/ Splash News

Picture by: chardphoto.com/SplashNews

I typed the letter C into Google. “Caleb Walker” is what came up first…

Caleb is the younger brother of Paul Walker.

Now Paul we all know and love as the star of such hit films as Tammy and the T-Rex, Meet the Deedles, and Eight Below. He was also in a few others including a series about race cars and robberies. Sadly, Paul was killed in a car wreck at while Furious 7 was still in production.

That’s where Caleb comes in. Paul’s two brothers, Caleb and Cody, stepped in to serve as his “Fake Shemps”. (Movie term meaning: body double used because an actor died and they wanted to finish making the movie (like when Shemp died during the making of a Three Stooges movie)).

Caleb is featured several times during Furious 7, but he is not noticeable due to the fact that we’re supposed to think he’s Paul Walker. That’s a swell brother!

That’s it for today! Not particularly informative, I know. Comment me anyway!


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