Tomorrowland… Don’t Believe What You Hear… Except From Me!

I had the opportunity to take Geek Spawn to Tomorrowland this weekend. Since then, I have read a few reviews about it and find that I disagree with most of them…

According to many reviews, Tomorrowland fails to deliver. They couldn’t be more wronger. Tomorrowland is one of those exciting, fun, original, clean movies that are rarely seen anymore. Disney used to be terrific at these kind of movies.

This movie reminded me of some of the great Disney movies of the 70s and 80s. They weren’t award winning films by any means, but they were fun movies that you could bring a family to. Movies like Escape to Witch Mountain, The Cat from Outer Space and Flight of the Navigator. All of those fit with this movie as original sci-fi stories from Disney that are appealing to all ages. Of course, Tomorrowland amps up the special effects considerably from those earlier examples.


Watching the trailer for Tomorrowland, I had no idea what to expect from this movie. Not a lot of plot is revealed in any of the trailers that came out. Frankly, because the plot is not that spectacular. The mystery of what Casey (Britt Robertson) sees when she touches the pin is where the real intrest is in the film.


I thought the three main heroes did a terrific job in their roles. George Clooney is always solid in his performances but, I was more impressed with the younger stars, Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy. They were both fun and believable in their roles. Even country singer Tim McGraw has a role as Casey’s dad, a father who is *gasp* respected and loved by his daughter!


Brad Bird directed this unique little picture. The man who gave us The Iron Giant, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Incredibles did not disappoint with this unique picture. True to form, Bird included some history to his film (Iron Giant happens in the late 50s, Mission: Impossible was a 60s show, Incredibles were heroes in the 60s). In Tomorrowland, George Clooney’s character spent time as a young man at the World’s Fair 64, riding on, what else?, it’s a small world!

The small world ride, the song “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” and the Space Mountain dome were the only obvious references to Disney or Disneyland in the film (apart from its title).

All that to say: I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a fun film, exciting and fresh.

Have you seen it yet? Do you want to? Comment me!



2 thoughts on “Tomorrowland… Don’t Believe What You Hear… Except From Me!

  1. I told my son the exact the same thing about it reminding me of Disney movies of old like ‘Escape to Witch Mountain.’ I was still disappointed and thought it was overly long. It was not bad, but not great, either.


    • I find that when I go back and watch a lot of the old Disneys, they seem a bit long too! haha. I was thinking “Flight of the Navigator” the whole time.

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