Odd Thomas is Not That Odd

He sees dead people. Odd Thomas is a clairvoyant-type hero out to save the world. Would you like to know more?… Not only does he see the dead people, but more than that, he gets angry a goes after their killers. At least, that seems to be the case at the start of the film. In the length of one diner scene, the movie sets up that Odd is friends with the chief of police, has an amazing girlfriend, works in a diner, is suspicious of a certain character and sees demonic ghostly beings called “bodachs” which signify that death is coming. Is a pivotal scene…

Anywho, the movie moves along pretty well. Odd is a fun character, Stormy (his girlfriend) is beautiful, supportive and fun, the mystery of what’s going on keeps you engaged and the special effects are well done. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of this movie until I saw it on Netflix.


Based on a Dean Koontz novel and directed by Stephen Sommers, this movie should have got more attention. It’s not great, but it’s good. It’s entertaining and fun. Sommers (The Mummy, Deep Rising) is good at making mysterious stories fun to watch through character development and special effects. Odd Thomas is no exception.

That’s just one bloggers opinion, what do you think? Comment me!


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