A Lighter 2015: Jun 1 – 248.5 Pounds

I admit it. I slacked off. But somehow, minor weight loss has occurred anyway!

I contribute a few factors to this slight weight loss…

  • Conscientious eating. Not that I’ve gone to carrot sticks and celery for dinner. But saying no to seconds or dessert once in a (great) while has helped a bit.
  • Forced exercising. Even when I don’t want to whatsoever, I force myself to get on the exercise bike. I’d just be sitting there watching TV anyway; I might as well be on the bike. I’m binge-watching my way through M*A*S*H right now on Netflix.
  • Stress. The last two months have been full of stressful situations that have led to a lack of appetite and/or fasting. Both of which help to not to gain weight back. It’s also why I didn’t bother to weigh in during April or May.
  • Different scale. The first three months I used an old bathroom scale. This time, I weighed in on the Wii. It’s entirely possible that one of those scales are off. I prefer the Wii because it keeps track for me, so that will be the new style from now on.

Jan 1 – 264
Feb 1 – 255
Mar 1 – 257
Jun 1 – 248.5

Wish me luck! Leave your comments below!

Any encouragements? Comment me!


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