I Think This Was Robin Hood

I enjoy the Robin Hood story. Action, adventure, romance! In 2010, Russell Crowe gave us yet another Robin Hood. This one was quite a bit different…

All of the major players were there, but there were some minor (and major) changes. And I don’t mean having the entire story told by cartoon animals. They weren’t all bad, but it did make the story hard to keep up with at times.

Robin of Loxley (who’s really somebody else), with Little John, Will Scarlett, Allan-a-Dale and Friar Tuck all making up his merry men. Maid Marion is actually married. The Sherriff of Nottingham is not the main bad guy. A few other side characters pop up as well.

The story is set farther in the future than most Robin Hood tales, so Prince John is actually King John in this tale. It plays out some of the elements that led to him becoming king. Ironically, even though it’s set later than most,┬áit really traces the story of Robin Hood prior to becoming an outlaw. Like, the first act of other Robin Hood stories.

It’s not the fastest paced movie either. Most people have a fairly good idea what to expect from a Robin Hood, so you keep waiting for certain elements that just aren’t there. He uses a sword as much or more than he uses a bow and arrow. Much of the storyline is very different from the Robin Hood we all know and love.


So, my favorite Robin Hood is still Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the big budget blockbuster of 1991. It kept moving along at a much more thrilling pace. I liked Robin Hood: Men in Tights better too. But I’ll give this Robin Hood third place!

Which is your favorite Robin Hood? Russell Crowe? Kevin Costner? Errol Flynn? Comment me!


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