By Grabthar’s Hammer, This is a Great Movie!


Straight outta 1999, comes one of the most clever, funny, copy-cat originals ever to hit the screen…

I have a habit of watching my favorites from the 80s and 90s with my kids. Especially the clean stuff. Galaxy Quest definitely fits that bill.

You don’t have to be Trekker to get what this movie is doing, but it doesn’t hurt. Anyone that is even vaguely aware that Star Trek exists can understand the concept of what-if-an-alien-race-thought-a-hit-sci-fi-show-from-the-past-was-real?. Galaxy Quest is the modern day equivalent of Star Trek. Striking similar to that show in many ways, the fans of Galaxy Quest now come together for conventions where they can nerd it up together and meet the cast. When the ship’s captain (the William Shatner role) is recruited by a group of aliens to lead a mission against an evil adversary, neither the aliens nor the captain realize what’s really going on. Will the captain discover he’s really in space? Will the aliens find out they’ve hired actors? It’s sort of the Three Amigos plot set in outer space.

And check out this line up!

  • Tim Allen (Home Improvement, Last Man Standing) plays the TV show ship’s Commander
  • Sigourney Weaver (Aliens, Ghostbusters) is the TV show’s “girl who repeats what the computer says”
  • Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Die Hard) is the TV show’s spock-like alien on the crew
  • Tony Shalhoub (Monk, Cars) is the TV show’s engine mechanic
  • Sam Rockwell (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) is the TV show’s expendable extra from one episode
  • Daryl Mitchel (10 Things I Hate About You) is the TV show’s Wesley Crusher-like wiz kid, now grown up
  • Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me) is the leader of the real aliens
  • Missi Pyle (Josie and the Pussycats, Home Alone 4) is the girl alien
  • Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) is the nerdy fan of the show
  • Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) is the young version of Daryl Mitchel
  • Rainn Wilson (The Office, Juno) is a random alien
  • Heidi Swedberg (Seinfeld, Kindergarten Cop) is the nerd kid’s mom
  • Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall, Lilo and Stitch) is an announcer at the Galaxy Quest convention

I know most of those names from other awesome shows and movies throughout Geekdom!

The movie is clean, funny, fresh and clever and definitely worth watching. Two thumbs up out of four stars!

Have you seen it? Recently? Comment me!


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