Acting Like the King of England

The White Queen

The White Queen

What follows below is a fairly detailed chart of movies, TV mini-series and Shakespearean plays about the monarchs of England. There are a lot more than you might think! Am I British? No. Was I alive during the reign of anyone besides Queen Elizabeth II? Not even sort of. My Wifey first got me interested in the British monarchy around Christmas when we watched The White Queen. Since then, we have been watching several films on the lives of the royals. Some have been more accurate than others… So, I have tried here to organize when these films take place.

The Madness of King George

The Madness of King George

Most of the title listed are primarily about the king or queen in question. However, sometimes they serve only a minor role. For example, King Richard appears only at the end of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and only The Black Prince, King Edward III’s son, appears in A Knight’s Tale. Also, I only included up to three titles. Some monarchs, such as King Henry VIII, have far too many versions of their stories to list.

The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl

If you see any problems, or know of other movies that should appear on this list, please comment me!

Legend of King Lear 700 BC? Shakespeare’s King Lear (1605)
Legend of King Arthur 600 AD? The Sword in the Stone (1963) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889)
Egbert 802-839 WESSEX      
Aethelwulf 839-858 WESSEX      
Aethelbald 858-860 WESSEX      
Aethelbert 860-866 WESSEX      
Aethelred 866-871 WESSEX      
Alfred the Great 871-899 WESSEX      
Edward the Elder 899-925 WESSEX      
Athelstan 925-940 WESSEX      
Edmund the Magnificent 940-946 WESSEX      
Eadred 946-955 WESSEX      
Eadwig (Edwy) All-Fair 955-959 WESSEX      
Edgar the Peaceable 959-975 WESSEX      
Edward the Martyr 975-978 WESSEX      
Æthelred II 979-1013 WESSEX      
Svein Forkbeard 1014 DANISH      
Æthelred II 1014-1016 WESSEX      
Edmund II (Ironside) 1016 WESSEX      
Cnut (Canute) 1016-1035 DANISH       
Harold I 1035-1040 DANISH       
Hardicnut 1040-1042 DANISH       
Edward (the Confessor) 1042-1066 SAXONS      
Harold II 1066 SAXONS      
William I 1066-1087 NORMANS      
William II 1087-1100 NORMANS      
Henry I 1100-1135 NORMANS The Pillars of the Earth (2010)    
Stephen 1135-1154 NORMANS      
Empress Matilda 1141 NORMANS      
Henry II 1154-1189 PLANTAGENET  The Lion in Winter (1968)    
Richard I 1189-1199 PLANTAGENET  Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Robin Hood (2010)  
John 1199-1216 PLANTAGENET  Shakespeare’s King John (1596)  
Henry III 1216-1272 PLANTAGENET       
Edward I 1272-1307 PLANTAGENET  Braveheart (1995)    
Edward II 1307-1327 PLANTAGENET       
Edward III 1327-1377 PLANTAGENET  World Without End (2012) A Knight’s Tale (2001)  
Richard II 1377-1399 PLANTAGENET  Shakespeare’s Richard II (1595)    
Henry IV 1399-1413 LANCASTER Shakespeare’s Henry IV (1597)    
Henry V 1413-1422 LANCASTER Shakespeare’s Henry V (1599)    
Henry VI 1422-1461 LANCASTER Shakespeare’s Henry VI (1591)    
Edward IV 1461-1483 YORK Shakespeare’s Richard III (1592) The White Queen (2013)
Edward V 1483 YORK
Richard III 1483-1485 YORK
Henry VII 1485-1509 TUDOR
Henry VIII 1509-1547 TUDOR Shakespeare’s Henry VIII (1612) The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) The Tudors (2010)
Edward VI 1547-1553 TUDOR Lady Jane (1986)  
Jane Grey 1553 TUDOR    
Mary I 1553-1558 TUDOR      
Elizabeth I 1558-1603 TUDOR Elizabeth (1998) Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) Shakespeare In Love (1998)
James I 1603-1625 STUART      
Charles I 1625-1649 STUART      
Oliver Cromwell 1649-1658 COMMONWEALTH      
Richard Cromwell 1658-1659 COMMONWEALTH      
Charles II 1660-1685 STUART      
James II 1685-1688 STUART      
William III 1689-1702 STUART      
Mary II 1689-1694 STUART      
Anne 1702-1714 STUART      
George I 1714-1727 HANOVER      
George II 1727-1760 HANOVER      
George III 1760-1820 HANOVER The Madness of King George (1994)    
George IV 1820-1830 HANOVER      
William IV 1830-1837 HANOVER      
Victoria 1837-1901 HANOVER      
Edward VII 1901-1910 SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA      
George V 1910-1936 WINDSOR      
Edward VIII 1936-1936 WINDSOR The King’s Speech (2010) Wallis and Edward (2005)  
George VI 1936-1952 WINDSOR    
Elizabeth II 1952 – present WINDSOR   The Queen (2006)  
Legend of King Ralph 1991 “WINDOM” King Ralph (1991)    

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