WONDERful 70s Entertainment


Before we get all gaga over the new Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, let’s not forget about “The New Original Wonder Woman,” Lynda Carter! I found some VHS tapes of this show in a yard sale last week. What a flashblack!….

The Wonder Woman TV show was hit in its day. Lots of action, skimpy costumes, and Lynda Carter’s winning smile; it’s easy to understand the appeal it had. While it’s entertaining, it is a tad dated. It still packs all the punch it did when it first aired in 1975, but it’s really slow paced. Especially at the start. The setting is 1940’s wartime America. A fact we tend to forget until a swastika pops up every once in a while.

Our man-fatale, Col. Steve Trevor, loses his plane in a dog fight and parachutes onto Paradise Island, a land inhabited by only Amazonian women… in the Bermuda Triangle… ya’know, only about 2000 miles from the Amazon. He is found by Diana the princess and her friends, a group of girls that spend most of their time walking the beach in 70’s nightgown-style dresses. Diana nurses Steve back to heath.

One lucky Amazon girl will take Steve back to his home, but the queen forbids Diana from doing it. A contest is held to determine who will take him where Diana, in disguise, participates. To break a tie score, Diana must compete against another competitor in “Bullets and Bracelets”… ya’know, the sport where you shoot guns at each other until someone fails to block a bullet… in a land that has been cut off from the world since well before guns were invented.

Diana wins and is given several items to help her on her journey: 1) A belt that magically gives her the same strength she has on Paradise Island… ya’know, because being cut off from the world gives you magic. 2) Her bullet blocking bracelets. 3) A lasso that compels anyone caught by it to tell the truth. 4) An invisible jet… ya’know, from the land that has been cut off from the world since well before planes were invented. And, by the way, the jet is invisible, but the passengers aren’t so the appear to be sitting in the sky moving around. 5) A costume of red, white and blue to represent her free country… ya’know, Paradise Island. The costume even has a skirt built in that Diana can remove if it becomes too cumbersome… ya’know, in case the 2 square feet of fabric wrapped around her waist gets in her way (She immediately removes it, never to wear it again).

Throughout the rest of the show’s pilot episode, Diana takes on the name Wonder Woman, learns about money, discovers that people can be deceitful, teaches World War II America about feminism and walks around Washington D.C. in her star-spangled swimsuit… er, I mean costume! She settles in to life in America by taking on a disguise as Steve’s “unattractive” secretary… ya’know, because putting up her hair and putting on glasses makes a beautiful woman ugly.

I say all that with a bit of sarcasm, but truthfully the show is a lot of fun. We can excuse the cheesiness because it’s a comic book show and hey… it was the 70s!

Do you remember Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman? Did you ever see the unaired pilot for a new Wonder Woman show with Adrianne Palicki? Maybe you saw the Wonder Woman short film starring Rileah Vanderbilt? Or are you just waiting for this new version:

After Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot gets her own Wonder Woman movie in 2016. Comment me!


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