Geek Spawn’s Lego Pinball

My creative son is at it again! using his mad Lego skillz, he’s created a pinball machine. Take a look…

Not only does this pinball machine work, but it also has interchangeable playing boards and a place to put in a quarter to get the balls out.

The goal of each board is to knock the ball upward across the playing area through the hole at the top. The board pictured above has a spinning piece in the middle to add an obstacle.

This board has a couple of sprockets to get in the way as the marble flies about.

How does it work? Pictured here is the machine with the playing board off showing its inner workings.  The rubber bands provide tension to make the paddles snap back into place.

The giant box on top is the ball-spitter-outter. The user puts in a quarter, and only a quarter! (Nickels and dimes fall right back out.) Push in a Lego lever and pull it back out and a quarter drops out into a collection area (seen at the bottom of the picture above). It’s really impressive!

What do you think? Comment me!


6 thoughts on “Geek Spawn’s Lego Pinball

  1. Brilliant! I’ve always said Lego Company needs to pay for his college education and employ home as a top designer! 🙂 way to go Luke!

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