North to…

So, whilst I had big plans to do a lot of nothing this upcoming week whilst my fam went to visit the Wifey’s fam in Alaska, my plans were changed suddenly upon learning that, when using mileage, I could purchase a ticket for myself for a mere $12. So, off I go tomorrow to the big AK. Here are a few of my favorite movies out of Alaska…

Hmmm. I gotta say I haven’t seen very many Alaska movies.

I saw 30 Days of Night (2001), a vampire film about a town in northern Alaska that experiences a full 30 days of darkness during which the vampires attack. It wasn’t good.

I saw Snow Dogs (2002), where Cuba Gooding, Jr. takes a run at the Iditarod to win a inheritance but ends up learning a valuable lesson about himself. Strikingly similar to The Fighting Temptations. Snow Dogs is also not good.

I saw Runaway Train (1985), about two escaped Alaskan convicts on board an out-of-control train. It’s been a while, but I remember it being quite slow and not particularly good.

I saw Out Cold (2001), a silly comedy about Alaskan snowboarders. A goofy and slightly crude film, it’s like a less funny version of Ski School. Better than the rest on list, but not exactly good.

I saw The Proposal (2009), a rom com about a boss lady and her assistant that she convinces to marry her to avoid being deported back to Canada. Hilarity ensues when they go to meet his family in Sitka, Alaska.

As an honorable mention, I also saw North (1994), an obscurely funny movie about a boy searching for new parents. He looks among the Inuit for some parents and spends and large chunk of his limited time in Alaska. I like this one!

That’s about it for the BFG Highlights of Alaska Movies Tour. What am I missing? Let me know! Comment me!


2 thoughts on “North to…

  1. There’s always ‘North to Alaska’, a romping 1960 John Wayne movie taking place around the Nome Gold Rush. I saw it as a teenager (it had Fabian in it for the younger crowd)..entertaining for its time. And then there’s a rather unsettling, yet good, Al Pacino & Robin Williams movie called ‘Insomnia’. Deeply unsettling if I remember right, so maybe not a good recommendation, lol. I just was in Sitka (the guide says ‘The Proposal’ had an aerial shot of the local airport but the rest of the movie was actually shot in Massachusetts 😦 ) Have a great time up North in Alaska!


    • Haha Thanks! It’s 3:13am and I’m just getting ready to go! :/ I’ve heard of North to Alaska, but never seen it.
      I had no idea Insomnia was set up there. I spose that makes sense though.
      The Proposal had, like zero to do with Alaska anyway, but they still could have actually shot up there! 🙂


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