The Nerdling’s New Show

Liv and Maddie
is the newest Disney Channel show to make it to Netflix. Does it have the same problems as the rest of the Disney Channel shows? Read on…

Here’s the basic breakdown: Liv is a teenage Hollywood actress that has been away from home for four years shooting her hit TV show, Sing It Loud. Her twin sister Maddie has been at home that whole time. A very different personality, Maddie is a tomboy jock. They also have a nerdy teen brother in high school with them, a token youngest sibling, and two parents. Pretty standard Disney setup.

The old tricks are the best tricks. Liv and Maddie uses one actress and shoots using split-screen and body doubles, Parent Trap style. Dove Cameron does a terrify job playing both roles and keeping the two characters very different, even going so far as to give Liv a higher pitched bubbly voice.


But, here’s where it gets different… they like each other! They actually get along and support each other 90% of the time. Maddie, the jock, goes to her sister’s movies and performances. Liv, the celebrity, supports her sister’s activities. Unless it’s a necessary plot device for a particular episode, they actually get along. I love that they will smile and accept each other for who they are. It’s weird to think about how that all works when you remember that it’s the same actress.

The other thing I’d like to point out is that the parents are not idiots! Gasp! The mom is a psychologist and the dad is the high school basketball coach. With very few exceptions, the parents are actually in charge of the household! This is a good thing. When the kids get in trouble, they actually get consequences. It’s refreshing to see a Disney show the treats parents like adults.


I really enjoy the side characters too. The best friends, the nemeses, the boyfriend. They’re all pretty funny.

We’ve only seen the first season, but the only episode that was a little too Disney-stereotyped was the Christmas episode. That had the dad get tangled up in the tree and freeze up on camera, the mom make fun of him with one of the girls, the youngest boy act greedy, steal money from and scam his brother, and the super-overused plot devise of the little girl who’s sweet an innocent around everyone but is really mean when alone with the main character. It’s like the writers time warped back 4 years to write that one.

Anywho… here is the show from the point-of-view of an 11-year-old Nerdling… ” I like the show. My favorite character is Maddie…. BAM; WHAT!!!! 🙂 She is smart, funny, and I like her glasses. I like Joey and the fact that Willow always obsesses over him. He amuses me.

So there you have it. An actually entertaining Disney show. At least for season 1. What are your thoughts? Comment me!



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