Only a Few Faults with San Andreas

The Rock is at it again, saving the world from the terrors of earthquakes. This time in the disaster flick San Andreas.

Reminiscent of the disaster movies of the 70s and 90s, San Andreas tells the story of disaster on a epic scale. When a ginormous earthquake hits the San Andreas fault in California, massive destruction abounds. But when The Rock’s daughter and her future step-father are stuck in San Francisco, he needs to team up with his almost-ex-wife to go rescue her.

Blake (Alexandra Daddario from Percy Jackson), the daughter, finds a couple of friends to help her through the ordeal. She meets two brothers that are more than willing to spend their time with her. Of, course, the fact that she is gorgeous might influence their decision too.


An the longer they hang out with her, the more she saves their butts. Due to her heroic rescue-chopper flying dad, she has learned some important life-saving skills.  She probably also got her good looks from her not-ugly parents (The Rock and Carla Gugino (from Spy Kids)).


Was the movie any good? Sort of. It wasn’t amazing. It reminded me of The Day After Tomorrow. The terror is happening everywhere, but our story is going to focus on the rescue of one person’s kid. It was entertaining and exciting with special effects that made you want to stay out of California forever. But it’s not going home with any Oscars!

Did you see it? Did you like it? Comment me!


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