Inside Outness


It was inevitable. I have kids. I’m a Disney mega-freak. I had to see Pixar’s Inside Out

Awhile back, when the trailer first came out, I was pretty excited to see this movie. Read about in this post: Inside Out Trailer Blog. Somewhere in there, I got a little nervous. There’s always this fear that they will ruin it with potty humor or politically correctness. Blah.

The star of the film, sort of, is Riley. As if being 11 weren’t full of enough changes, Riley and her family have just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco, causing her to have a bit of a meltdown. The gimmick of this film is that we’re let in on what’s going on inside her head, literally.


Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness all take turns controlling Riley’s emotions. But when some of the core memories that make her who she is get disturbed and lost, Joy and Sadness go on an adventure through her memories to set things right.

While up to this point in Riley’s life, one emotion was in control at a time, this new adventure causes them to all work together. Upon looking at the father and mother’s minds, we see that they have already come to that conclusion, implying that they have had their own turning points that affected their lives.

Pixar movies have gotten more and more serious over the years. Inside Out is no exception. Just as in Up, it deals with real human struggles (in Up it was old age, in Inside Out it’s adolescence) and pulls at the emotional heart strings. It does manage to keep laughs coming though. I really enjoyed Bing Bong, Riley’s former imaginary friend made mostly out of cotton candy.


Did I like it? Yes, I can say I did. It was fun and sweet. I would have liked to see more than 4 negative emotions and 1 positive, but Joy kind of served as the leader of the gang.

Now, here it is from the target audience, Geek Spawn and The Nerdling…

Geek Spawn: In n’ Out is an amazing restaurant. But this is about Inside Out. I liked Inside Out a lot, however I thought it was weird that throughout the entire movie, they stayed on one half of Riley’s brain.

The Nerdling:  JOY !!!, is my favorite character, Fear is pretty funny too. It seems strange how there are 4 negative emotions and 1 positive and also that if Riley hangs upside down they still end up not falling on the ceiling of her head.

P.S. The movie was awesome!!!

So, there you go. After you see it, comment me and tell me what you thought!


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