I Need Cosplay Help!

I’m planning to go to back to Salt Lake Comic Con again this year. But I need your help to come up with a sweet sweet cosplay costume! Read on…

Last year’s SLCC was the first Comic Con type event I had ever attended. It’s what inspired me to start blogging! (Read about it here!) I loved seeing all the cosplay. It was like meeting the celebrity guests without paying the exorbitant fees. So now I want in.

I want to come up with a costume so awesome that the other awesome cosplayers are asking for a picture with me! I want Lara Croft and Deadpool coming up to me going, “Dude! That’s awesome! Can I get a quick pic with you?”

Brad CroftBrad Deadpool

So that’s me up there ^. About 250 pounds rocking the curly hair. What can I be? Give me some costume ideas. I have until September to get something together. I don’t mind sewing or building something, but I’d love it if you had suggestions on how to pull off your idea in reality.

For example, here’s some of the ideas I’ve already vetoed…

veto1Hulkbuster Iron Man – Difficult to achieve without looking like I’m wearing Iron Man pajamas.

veto2The Greatest American Hero – Right hair, but too skinny. That belt would look like it was about to snap on me.

veto3Baymax – Again, difficult to pull off believably. I could stuff pillows down my shirt but still not have that fluffy look. Although, that might work for a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. hmmm…

veto4Nacho Libre – The Wifey vetoed this one! LOL But I’ve done it before and rocked it!

So, please please please comment me some ideas! Or maybe some ideas on how to make the ideas above work. I’m at your mercy! I have no shame, I’m not easily embarrassed, and I’m willing to do the work!




14 thoughts on “I Need Cosplay Help!

  1. Sometimes I think a clever mash-up would be cool. Then you’re not just another jedi/superhero/whatever. Or you could be a hobbit with a gland issue that made you tall? 🙂

    We’re going again, so I hope to see you there!

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  2. Sorry, I was adding all my ideas to Jil’s Facebook post 😕
    – Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor
    – Samwise Gamger
    – The human version of Cogsworth

    I will continue brainstorming on this.

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  3. I have to say, I freaked out over Greatest American Hero. That would be amazing if you did that. (Side note: I met him at a comic con last year and he called my mom on the phone because she couldn’t be there to meet him herself ^_^)

    But if not him, then Fourth Doctor or Sam Gamgee I think. Or a Star Wars Rebel Pilot.


  4. You can watch the 4th doctor on Netflix, he was ‘my first’ and will ever be my fav. Same actor played Puddleglum in the old version of The silver chair.

    White nylon, Jills sewing skills and a small fan and you could rock the baymax.

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  5. Also consider not just what you physically feel that you’d fit the role of, but what characters you like! =) E.g. –I physically may resemble a lot of anime or manga schoolgirl characters, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time and money making a costume for a character I don’t really love or care about. Even though I don’t totally look like say, Susan Pevensie or Princess Leia, I love the characters (and their costumes) …=)

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