I’m Into Into the Woods

I was a little leery of this one at first. I saw the stage play version on Netflix, but wasn’t sure if Disney would make it better or worse…

I totally enjoyed it! It had a fun story, full of the fairy tales we know and love, but at the same time taking a few twists and turns. The cinematography was beautiful, ominous yet colorful and inviting. The acting was mostly wonderful. Ironically, the actors I liked the least were the A-listers and the ones I liked the best were the noobs.

Meryl Streep is the instigator of the whole story as the witch sending out the Baker and his wife on a task to collect items from other fairy tale figures. Sorry to the Meryl Streep Fan Club, but I felt she overacted the whole thing and no one would tell her she was over the top because, hey, she’s Meryl Streep.

Johnny Depp as the Big Bad Wolf gets a whole musical number but after he sings, he appears briefly one more time and that’s it. He out of the movie. More of a cameo than a lead role, yet still he gets on the posters as a star. It would be like putting David Letterman on the posters for Cabin Boy.


Depp has his big scene opposite my favorite character, Little Red Riding Hood. This newcomer to the big screen was terrific! Lilla Crawford was fun to watch and had the best lines of the film.


The rest of the cast was fun too. I always enjoy Anna Kendrick but James Cordon and Emily Blunt did well too. The princes were cheesy but fine. Daniel Huttlestone did great as Jack, but I kinda felt like I was watching Pete’s Dragon during his big song. Probably just things like his clothes and hair which are right out of the 70s.


The opening sixteen minutes are great, sucking you right into the story. The pacing of the film slows down in the last half hour, but overall, its very fun to watch. I could easily see myself watching this one a few more times.

What about you? If you had to watch one song out of this film over and over again, which would it be? Comment me!

Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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