You Will Hate This Show

I found this little show while hunting for something to watch with my kids. I promise you won’t like it, and I would never admit that it made me laugh either…

Some Assembly Required follows the silly format of most shows aiming at tweens. Silly cheesy jokes based mostly on puns. Loose plots revolving around misunderstandings based on partially overheard conversations. This Netflix produced show also has something that the Disney shows have seemed to overcome for the most part… really bad acting. I mean awful. I mean, like, “I’m about to say something stupid with a look on my face like “this is gonna be great!” and then wait for the canned laughter” terrible.

Of the six main characters, our hero is the curly haired almost normal boy. He sued a toy company and the judge awarded him control of the business. He then hired his stereotyped friends to work for him. His close friend, the emo girl, is actually smart and useful, oh, and has a crush on him. His uber-nerdy friend is uber-nerdy. One effeminate male friend is into fashion and is always wearing atrocious outfits. The surfer kid is uber-dumb. As is the pretty blonde who was hired by our hero in his words, “Because I can!” I can respect that. Oh, and he has a crush on her.


True to kid show form, the few adults are dumb and typically the butt of jokes or insults.

Honestly there are usually one or two jokes that  I actually laugh at. Well, snicker at. Well, smile at. Typically involving the jabs at the TV show making process or unexpected randomness. My kids enjoy it. And at least it’s clean. I don’t actually mind it too much. It’s good for some mindless entertainment.

But you? No, you won’t like it. You’ve been warned.

Am  I too late did you see it already? Which character do you find to be the most stereotyped?


Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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