A Lighter 2015: July 3 – 254.2 Pounds


I have no good excuse. Really, I’ve just made some bad eating choices recently. How many times a week are you supposed to eat pizza? Less than three? 😉

Anywho, I am pleased to announce that on October 11th, my Wifey and I are planning to do the Great Columbia Crossing in Astoria, Oregon. It’s a 10K run across the Astoria-Megler bridge! It’s the one time each year that they allow foot traffic on the bridge. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a few years, but thins year, I’ve got the Wifey on board! I have no illusions about coming in first, I just want to do it!

Astoria run

October 11th is exactly 14 weeks away! How do I know that little tidbit of timely information? Because this week we started a “couch to 10K” app which takes 14 weeks. Three times this week, we’ve jog/walked for 30 minutes. Each week the duration increases and amount of time you alternate running or walking changes too. At the end we’re supposed to be fit enough to run a 10K

Jan 1 – 264
Feb 1 – 255
Mar 1 – 257
Jun 1 – 248.5
Jul 3 – 254.2

Yeah, it went up. But an the 10K plan, I have high hopes for next month!

This hasn’t been a very Geekdomly post, so please accept this picture of the Firefly cast:

I’ve never run a 10K before, or any lengthy race. Any advice? Comment me!


4 thoughts on “A Lighter 2015: July 3 – 254.2 Pounds

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  2. Hey!
    Back to School time is here and I’m starting a Back to (Fit) School Challenge Group starting Monday, August 10th. It’s a SMALL “challenge” group for better accountability and support to each other while we work on our fitness and nutrition. I saw that you’re working on your fitness and I’ve had a lot of success using 21 Day Fix over the last month as a cross training program for my running hobby. I’m down almost 15 lbs and my endurance and stamina is the best it’s been since I played basketball in high school in college. It may not be something you need, or not right now, but do you want me to send you the details? If you do, go head and email me at pzgordon@gmail.com.
    Keep up the good work!
    Patty Brown Gordon


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