Olde Tyme Doctore Whoe


It’s my first experience with 70s Doctor Who

I’ve always been apprehensive to start watching the pre-Eccelston Who episodes. But while staying with a friend, he showed me an episode of his favorite Doctor: Tom Baker.

The episode, The Ribos Operation, is about the Doctor traveling to find the Cube of Time while “training” a new companion. Of course, she is already an expert in Tardis travel, having been assigned to him by Gallifrey. It appears that at this point in the Doctor Who timeline, Gallifrey is still calling the shots. I think that’s what’s happening anyway.

The epidsode itself is not bad at all. The special effects are not quite so special by today’s standards but they’re fine for the day. The companion, Romana, is very pretty and fun in her know-it-all way. And the episodes are also only 30 min

All in all, not bad. Have you caught this one?

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