Arches, The Indiana Jones Part

My kids and I are back from our adventure to Utah. (I missed two posts this week, so I’m adding in two extras today.) The main goal was to hit the Arches National Park near Moab. As I mentioned earlier this week, the site of the opening scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Pictured above is me at the location they filmed young Indy’s scenes, Double Arches. And I didn’t get lost or horse-sick like Indy’s friend Herman! It was easy to not to get horse-sick, well because I was in a car. And getting lost is not to easy to do either. At least not in this area of the park. If you climb up past the second arch there is a steep drop on the other side. There are lots of other places in the park to get lost without much effort. But more of that in part two of this post…


Also, as I’ve discussed here at BFG, I have to stick to my 10K training app, so I needed to run that day. What better place to run than Arches National Park? Well, lots of places actually. The run there (around North and South Windows) was very difficult compared to my usual nice flat running area. This location was sometimes sandy then rocky. Then I had to run up and over a rock mound while zig-zagging around a trail. Add to that the heat of Utah at 10am and the altitude over 5000 feet! It was a unique experience… I’d do it again! LOL And there are a few other dangers out there too…


Not the hot black widow from The Avengers, but an actual really big black widow!

Okay… stay tuned for the epic hiking adventure in the next post…

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