Arches, The Never-Ending Trail Part

After jogging around a couple of the arches and then exploring the Indiana Jones part of Arches National Park, we saw a few more sights. Then the real adventure began…

It’s a beautiful place! Really! And the deeper you go into it, the prettier it gets. Sometimes, you can get so deep in there that it feels like you’re gone forever! Now, we weren’t lost. Not even a little bit. We just ended up on what felt like the world’s longest trail! Okay, here’s the story…

We followed the prepared trail to Landscape Arch. From there, there is an option to take a “difficult trail.” We met a hiker coming off that trail from the other direction. He said “It’s amazing! And not that difficult.” So, we did it. The difficult trail was sandy and windy, but not particularly hard. We followed it for a long way.

About here, we bumped into three girls coming from the other way. They warned us that there was a large puddle coming up that we’d have to climb up a rock to go around. We’d come too far and thought it could be fun so on we went.

The path went from a sandy trail through the brush to a hike through this wash. It had rained the day before, so we started noticing a few small puddles.

When we came to the puddle we were warned about, we found we either had to go through it or over a mound next to it. You can see Geek Spawn perched up on the rock hillside as we opted to not wade through.

After climbing over a few more rocks and figuring out which direction the trail actually went, we hit this beauty. The trail goes up the fin behind The Nerdling and Geek Spawn. This is actually the trail! We met a man here coming from the other direction who had twisted his ankle. His son was helping him over the ridge. We helped him down to a level surface and sent him on. It made us wonder how much farther we had to go since they opted to go forward instead of turn back! Their route was getting easier, but it did get harder for us.

At one point, we followed an offshoot trail about a half mile to Private Arch. This one was really neat. It sat way back in there and was tucked nicely back in a valley.

Here is where we thought the “difficult trail” ended. At Double-0 Arch. You can see how worn out Geek Spawn looks. The Nerdling was worse! And of course, we had a LOT more to go.

The trail also continued along this high high ridge. To the right was a drop of about 30 feet and to the left was a drop of about 100 feet! There were a few more of these type places too before it ended. Our water was almost out, but kept on like happy little hikers!

And just as we were in our last mile, it started raining!

But we succeeded and thoroughly enjoyed it… after a bottle of water and a rest in the air-conditioned van! All in all, it turned out to be about 9 miles of hiking, climbing, and whining. And some great memories were made!

Have you hiked the loop at Devil’s Garden in Arches National Park? What did you think? Have you been on a trail that was longer than expected? How’d that go for you? Comment me!


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