Film Food: Minions (as a cereal) from Despicable Me

This little beauty comes to us from the grocery store shelves. And while not consumed during any of the movies, it is most definitely from either the Despicable Me or Minions movies.

When we saw the box on the shelves, we knew we had to give Minions cereal a go. Packed with banana berry flavor, who could resist!?

Minions cereal
1% milk

The images were difficult to see, but if you strain your eyes just right, you can make out the adorable characters.


The verdict? These are really quite good. They are basically Cinnamon Toast Crunch with banana berry flavoring. So, like with regular CTC, you have to eat quickly to avoid sogginess. The banana is not very potent, but overall the flavor is quite delish!

Did you try it? What flavor might be better? Comment me!



2 thoughts on “Film Food: Minions (as a cereal) from Despicable Me

    • HAHA I can picture it now! We also had Minions Twinkies. They made the picture of the minion on the wrapper clear so the yellow of the Twinkie showed through the bag!


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